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Littleport Business Park

A new business park comprising 14 highly sustainable bespoke steel frame units clad in timber which allows them to comfortably integrate into the farmland setting.

These flexible open plan single storey units provide an affordable opportunity for a range of uses.  To avoid a cluttered appearance and in order to maintain commercial viability, units are grouped in two terraces, staggered to add interest.

Larger two storey units sit along the A10.

In order to maintain the commercial viability of the development, each unit type is based on a repeatable form, this also reinforces the concept of a family of buildings, creating a site campus identity.

The units were conceived to be representative of modern technology (the utilisation of energy generation as a means of articulating their form) through an interpretation of traditional forms in response to its urban/countryside setting.

Project Particulars

  • Client – Jonathan & Rebecca James
  • Location – Cambridgeshire
  • Services – Architectural