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Highlands Park

The development is located on a vacant site being previously occupied by an industrial estate.  In reflection to the surrounding architectural language and building heights, the proposed units offered generally 2-storey high portal frames enclosed with metal cladding integrated with glazed screens.  The dominating colour was a variety of grey & silver shades.  The compound allowed for natural surveillance of the public realm by proposing see-through fence-lines.  The frontage of each of the units is designed for vehicular access, delivery, and parking.

Each of the 3 units is set back from its local road in order to incorporate a secured front yard.  In response to client specific requirements, the design of Unit-2 has its own character being a high-bay warehouse 10.7m from finish floor level to underside of steel haunch.  The elevation treatment on two facades was enhanced by using ribbon windows completed with silver & grey shaded bands and trimmers of metal cladding.  The form of Unit-2 betrays a 2-storey amenity block around its south-east corner together with a distinguished extent of storage warehouse and loading facilities.

The interior design of Unit-2’s amenity block was set to a high quality standard.  The reception area has included glazed platform lift which is surrounded by stair flights of quality finishes within an open plan entrance.  The toilet facilities were detailed with IPS panels and vanity units coordinated in colour with wall tiles and floor finishes.  The cellular offices were formed in frameless glass partitions in order to enhance the penetration of daylight without compromising their acoustic enclosures.  Other welfare areas were designed to the same high quality standard and finishes

Project Particulars

  • Redevelopment of former factory to 3 No. storage and high bay distribution warehouses
  • Total development 98,000 sq.ft
  • Steel portal frame with large span (68m)
  • £3.3 million Design & Build Contract
  • Services – Architectural